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I love re-discovering recipes you forgot you made. This is one I got from the lovely Giada and is such a perfect weekday dinner. (Or perfect for when you are cooking for others and want it to look like you slaved away over it.) I’ve tried it with fresh, just from the market salmon and […]

I’ve been looking through all my pictures from Paris a few years ago quite a bit lately. There is so much of that city and culture that I miss. Everything seemed so effortless. Anthropologie’s January catalog captured that feeling so perfectly. (I’m in love with the belted trench coat.) Then I came to find that […]



There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you see a family member is calling you and instantly you know what it’s about. Your insides flop and you all of a sudden feel quite alert but caught off guard all at once. That’s how my Sunday morning started. My dad called to inform me […]

$65 for a simple trim? In Greenville? Really? It’s been over four months and I am still trying to find a new stylist.   (Guys have it so easy!)

my favorite tomato basil soup from trio in downtown greenville. the window seats are the best spots to people watch! I was having a perfect Saturday morning. Woke up early and went to my very first yoga class at North Main Yoga. (I have muscles I didn’t even knew existed hurting today, but I’m in […]


We discovered a little park downtown that I’d never noticed during our walks before. Every spring, children are able to plant all kinds of flowers and herbs, learn about them and watch them grow. That’s what I love about this little city; it’s been three months and I’m still finding new things. 🙂


What would have been my 5 year anniversary was yesterday. I made it through the day relatively unscathed. 🙂



They left this afternoon and I’ve had an aching in my stomach ever since. Seeing my family now is bittersweet. I love them, but they are a constant reminder of a past life, something I will never have again. All I wanted today was to just curl up in a ball in the backseat of […]

I’ve got butterflies in my stomach like it’s my first day of school and I’m eight. I’m surprisingly nervous about meeting my group of K-5er’s who will be a part of the after-school art program I’m a volunteer teaching assistant for at the art museum once a week. I love kids, but I never saw […]


I finally made it and am trying to feel even slightly settled in. The house is great, the town is awesome, the weather has been perfect. But the bad dreams have followed me here and they’ve been happening every night since I arrived. Off to meet the program manager at the art museum and drop […]