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I’ve been worried about friends of mine back home from the past life. I’d been friends with each of them separately before they had gotten married to each other. When everything hit the fan with my relationship over a year ago, the female half of that seemingly unstoppable duo revealed that they had been having […]



Caramelized Sweet Onion and Blue Cheese Dip on French Baguette Crisps. Sooo amazing. Receipe and ingredients courtesy of The Fresh Market. The holidays mean many different things to different people. For me, this was my very first time celebrating…well, semi-celebrating the holidays. My first. You heard me right! I spent lots of time at home, […]



I still haven’t unpacked the boxes overflowing with technicolor satin, chiffon and taffeta. Bridesmaid dresses with permanently soiled trains that saw the weddings of people I thought at one time were my closest friends. The majority of whom didn’t care enough to pick up the phone when the rumors started rolling in. Pilly woolen sweaters […]