all about the butter.


When I first saw the previews for “Julie & Julia” I didn’t think I would like it. I was so wrong. I finally got an afternoon alone to watch it and now have a whole new list of recipes added to my to-do list. (Hollandaise sauce and steamed artichokes are on the menu for tomorrow.)

A part of the movie that was so absolutely true was when Amy Adam’s character is talking about how everything is better with butter. (Real butter.) This past week I had to try out this recipe from Smitten Kitchen to see what all the fuss was about for myself. The secret ingredient that makes this amazing sauce? Butter, of course.

I made it with just the three ingredients (canned tomatoes, butter and an onion) and it was awesome. Even the boyfriend, who I feared would scoff at a pasta sauce with no meat, was in awe of how good something so simple tasted. Nothing was wasted–we even took the onion out and smeared it on toasted bread crisps. I highly suggest you try the recipe–you probably already have the ingredients in your pantry!


2 Responses to “all about the butter.”

  1. Ooooo I will have to try that. Any particular canned tomatoes?

  2. There is a particular kind they say you should use over at Smitten Kitchen, but I’d never heard of it before. And I usually buy whatever is on sale. 🙂 Cheap canned tomatoes worked fine in my opinion.

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