the “b” word.

my favorite tomato basil soup from trio in downtown greenville. the window seats are the best spots to people watch!

I was having a perfect Saturday morning.

Woke up early and went to my very first yoga class at North Main Yoga. (I have muscles I didn’t even knew existed hurting today, but I’m in love! Can’t believe I’ve been a yoga virgin this long!) Then S and I headed over to Trio to indulge my tomato basil soup addiction. And to do something we’d been long procrastinating….our budgets.

Last week I was offered a position as marketing director at this amazing property in the heart of downtown Greenville. I went back and forth about it because I do love where I’m at now…but in the end I accepted it because it made more financial sense.

Even with the new position, where I’m making a little more money and saving quite a bit in gas, I still am barely making ends meet. I don’t get it. How do people have the extra money to save for buying a house, taking a trip, having kids? Sitting down and taking a good hard look at my budget made me realize I don’t really even have the extra money to be spending on clothes and nights out.

So we’re looking into ways to fix our finances. For the next 21 days we won’t be spending any money on going out to eat, which has been our biggest money zapper. I’m also looking into finding a credit card with 0% interest to transfer all my balances to. And then really crack down on paying it off.

Any suggestions that have worked for you? Or books or sites that have helped you with your budget?


One Response to “the “b” word.”

  1. Hiii! I’m sorry that I am not caught up on your entries. I am making it a point in the next few days to get on with it.

    I have been trying to save money too… the tips I was going to offer to you were the two you’ve already mentioned.

    Things that I do to save money is taking my lunch to work each day. Then, I take my lunch break outside on the back patio to save the fuel of driving somewhere to get out of the office. I talk myself out of extra purchases I try to make when I go grocery shopping each week unless it’s only the first thing I’ve purchased besides the necessities so far that week. I also try to jot down in my notebook things that I see that I really want and end up getting because I think I’ll “forget” about it later. No excuses for waiting then!!

    Good luck to you with saving! 🙂

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